Real Stream Partnership Program

Hello, business owner! My name is Donnie Cameron, CEO & President of Real Stream Products. I would like to extend to you a fantastic business opportunity. This opportunity will enhance your store image, bottom-line profit margins and satisfy your customer demands through our new line of outdoor apparel. Our clothing features the latest in 4-way stretch, SPF 50 sun protection, and moisture wicking technology.


Whether you’re an independent brick and mortar store, a country market gas station or a bait and tackle shop, our “RISK FREE” Partnership Program is unlike any other business opportunity.

Let me explain. Our Partnership Program begins by your desire and commitment to succeed. Email our President, Donnie Cameron directly or call us today to setup a personal one-on-one interview of your store’s vision, history, and space allocation. Together, we will find the perfect fit for your store. Real Stream will then set you up with a “No Charge, No Risk” basic package to get you started. You only “buy what you sell”. The package includes a small merchandising rack, plus “x” amount of our best-selling shirts and hoodies in various sizes, along with 6 of our matching embroidered baseball hats, just like what you see in the photos below from our existing Partner stores!

I personally feel that independent store owners, like yourselves, are overlooked by national suppliers who rely on the industry’s few “Big Guys”, located at area shopping malls and outlet stores for easy distribution and sales. They offer low wholesale pricing to those stores who in turn charge the highest retail prices to customers. They never offer pricing support on your level and turn a blind eye to dedicated business owners and families, like yourselves, who work so hard to compete. They instead try to justify a higher wholesale price to you based simply on your volume, which forces you into higher, un-competitive, retail pricing for your store. It is time to change that!

Once you have decided to become a Real Stream Partner, we will ensure you get the lowest wholesale costs. A representative will be at your disposal for a monthly tele-sale account call. This will help manage your inventory and sales efficiently; maximizing your profits, and communicating to us your store’s needs and what items are selling best.

You can cancel your partnership at any time. Our offices and personnel will always be open for you to talk directly to us. If this sounds like a good opportunity for you and your business, please call or email our offices below to get your partnership started today!

Donnie Cameron, President & CEO




Cissy Cameron, CFO